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LOS ANGELES — As the roll-out of new VR technologies and tools continues, capabilities are climbing even as prices are falling, echoing long anticipated trends in consumer tech, as these immersive devices are becoming more mainstream.

While much attention has been allocated to the development of integrated VR headsets that do not require a separate computer or smartphone, such as the recently released Oculus Go, and its second-generation relatives, the real challenge is to integrate quality virtual reality cameras that are as easy to use as modern day smartphone cameras, and getting these into consumer’s hands as a way of driving the availability of and interest in 3D VR content.


An intriguing array of solutions to this issue are currently initiatve into the pipeline, including the new 360Penguin, a “family friendly” device with intended adult applications.

The device calling itself the “easiest, most affordable, consumer-friendly 360-degree virtual reality video and photo panoramic camera on the planet,” 360Penguin has launched its campaign on Kickstarter to realize its vision of making VR content quick, easy and cheap to produce.

360Penguin boasts 6K video resolution at 12 fps, and 4K at 30 fps, with h.264 encoding. It also shoots still photos at 6912 x 3456 pixels, and features time-lapse, live streaming to Facebook, YouTube, an app editor. There are much more though. The VR camera is positioned to hit the market at a mid-$200 price point.

It's dual 210-degree sharp f1.8 lenses can storage up to 64Gb, and up to 90 minutes of runtime on basic settings, while a range of mounting options is available via an “action cam” (think GoPro) mount, and is highlighted by the Livestreaming Mount Adapter, which enables access to the USB-C port for continuous device power, that is, a small but vital feature for professional users who can be freed from battery use in the studio.

“It’s the most convenient 360-degree camera you’ll ever own, mot only is it affordable, its sleek design is packed with the latest and greatest 360-degree tools yet small enough to fit into a pocket or purse.” says a company spokesperson

Users can connect to the camera through Wi-Fi for a real-time 360 degree view of everything that’s around the camera, while being able to pan, tilt, zoom and rotat to see the scene from any angle.

For today’s new generation of content producers, including live cam artists, as well as more established studios looking for an easyway into one of porn’s latest frontiers, it is devices such as the 360Penguin that transform ownership into intriguing experiments for exploring VR, both in the studio and for amateurs.

We don't know how the campaign will result on Kickstarter, but it clearly represents a market space that will see other entrants, and ultimately provide yet more options in the adult content producer's toolbox.

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