ROCHESTER, N.Y. — BaDoink VR announced the company's partnership with a new VR platform,, to create and host a virtual reality platform that the two entities hope will revolutionize the adult industry.

According to the Badoink, the partnership will bring to life a new level of immersion and erotic intimacy that up until now has merely been a sci-fi fantasy that people dream of.

The concept incorprate the combination of live performance, VR, and haptic devices that supposedly will converge on the site, producing a mind-blowing sexual experience unseen before by no other.

“BaDoinkVR has built a tradition of utilizing emerging technologies to create new and compelling virtual reality experiences,” says BaDoinkVR Head of Production Xavi Clos. “Our partnership with is the next giant leap in this direction, and we are excited to offer our fanbase a new VR platform to immerse themselves in.” is an unique platform that delivers a real-time peer-to-peer visual and tactile connection. Adult performers can now interact directly with their users in a live or prerecorded virtual reality setting, achieving this by leveraging motion-capture and haptic device technologies.

Additionally, virtual environments and avatars are fully customizable to create a personalized fantasy experiences, while the integration with haptic devices produces an unprecedented level of intimacy and immersion that is exclusive to this particular platform.

“We built the platform on the notion that the best virtual reality experiences can come from everyday human connections,” says ZeroTransform CEO and Creative Director Justin Moravetz. “We are excited to bring this engaging and unscripted element to everyone around the world, utilizing the full capabilities of VR by incorporating sight, sound, and even touch.”