Oculus Go

New Oculus Go Standalone Headset Targets Affordability Niche

Oculus revealed the Oculus Go headset at Oculus Connect 4 today, which is the company’s affordable standalone virtual reality headset.

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg introduced the latest Oculus Go VR headset during the Oculus Connect keynote. The headset is a low price all-in-one standalone headset which does not require a smartphone or computer to run, where everything you need for the virtual reality experience is built into the device. The device is priced at $200 USD and will be made available early 2018 where it’s goal is to bring affordable headset to the hands of mass consumer.

While earlier prototype was reveal last year, Oculus Go is not a continuation of the standalone Santa Cruz prototype. Instead the Oculus Go is much closer to the Gear VR, featuring rotational-only tracking on both the headset and the controller. On the hand, the Santa Cruz prototype is a more expensive headset that is targeted towards the higher-end market, with positional tracking on the controller and headset.

Image credit: Oculus

Image credit: Oculus

The Oculus Go has built-in audio which means users will be able to hear audio from the VR world without the need to put on a headphone. The speakers are built directly into the headbands, and there’s a port for AUX port for listening with higher-end headphones.

Oculus sats that the headset utilized a fast-switch LCD at 2560 x 1440 which aims to eliminate the screen door effect with much better fill-factor than OLED. The headset is said to utilize next generation sense by offering a wide filed of view with significantly reduced glare.