LOS ANGELES — The company behind Wankz VR and MILF VR announced the official launch of

“VR is still very new to a lot of people, so having a proven track record already is important, and our fans and traffic partners have seen what we can do with our original releases of WankzVR and MILF VR,” said Phil of Pimproll.

“Now following in those same footsteps is the new TranzVR site offering viewers the same premium quality, engaging narratives and deep dedication to creating the kind of immersive experience that only true VR porn can provide.”

Phil note that TranzVR sets itself apart from the rest of the virtual 3D porn market by focusing on trans sex, and looking at the full, unrestricted intimacy of transsexual eroticism as part of a truly unique virtual reality 360 porn experience.

He says that TranzVR is the prefered way for those curious about trans sex to try it out for themselves from the privacy and comfort of their own home, through the latest VR goggles.

“Fans can explore their own sexuality and maybe even discover something about themselves along the way, or simply enjoy the voyeuristic intensity of the highest-quality virtual trans scenes ever captured on film,” Phil said. “You can think of it as a sex simulator where you journey into the unknown, or can enjoy a niche you already know and love. Our role is to provide the best quality content without any judgments or biases and I am proud to say I believe we are doing a great job in that regard as proven by the overwhelming support the site is already seeing from fans and review sites alike.”

In effort to promote quality and consistency, TranzVR finds the most accomplished South American trans hotties, Phil said. The viewer becomes a cis-male participant in each POV scene, and future virtual productions from a trans perspective are also in the production pipleline. Robust community tools allow members to stay in touch, share feedback, or be notified to new developments through the TranzVR user forum.

As with Wankz VR and MILF VR, TranzVR contents are fully optimized for major headsets such as Oculus, HTC VIVE, PSVR, Gear VR, Daydream, Cardboard, and leading mix reality headsets.

Each production integrates the use of rich sound, true 3D and vivid color to produce quality experiences.

Phil said the addition of TranzVR to the Pimproll affiliate program caters a new, exciting and profitable option for targeted virtual reality and transsexual communities.

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