Reality Lovers Promotion

LOS ANGELES — Trend-setting VR adult entertainment studio Reality Lovers celebrates its third anniversary in in adult virtual porn space, with a special year end discount offer.

According to the Reality Lovers, in order to commemorate this milestone and show appreciation to its loyal customers, the company has prepared a special deal for region with the largest customer concentration, that is, U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Austria, and Switzerland.

Between the discount time, those who sign up for an annual membership to Reality Lovers will receive a free Oculus GO integrated headset, along with full access to Reality Lovers’ exclusive VR library, containing 16,000 plus minutes of original VR porn content.

Reality Lovers’ founder and CEO Rene Pour is happy with the company’s pioneering work in adult VR entertainment.

“Although though VR is still a nascent niche within the entire adult entertainment industry, we are seeing a gradual evolution toward greate
r and greater adoption, and with this promo, we are doing our share to bring this truly mind-blowing VR experience to the masses.”

Pour notes that the Oculus GO, which is offered free to members as part of this special anniversary package, is a breakthrough VR headset launched earlier in 2018, at a adoption price point and with far-reaching effects.

“This has had the effect of putting the VR experience within the reach for more novice users,” Pour adds. “They follow on the heels of the technology’s early adopters and are indispensable for any tech revolution taking a firmer hold.”

For more information, Reality Lovers.

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