Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers

CYBERSPACE — VR Porn studio, Reality Lovers, has linked a new exclusive cooperation with affiliate program BrokerBabe.

The company will utilize BrokerBabe’s line of entertainment services.

“This move was also, in part, due to the fact that the boutique VR adult studio felt an increased need for a more specialized player to back it up in a comprehensive way as it moves ahead with focus in its core business — content production. Reality Lovers has made an early entry into the VR entertainment market and made the adult niche its bread-and-butter.”

Reality Lovers CEO, René Pour, feels BrokerBabe as a trusted partner.

“Over the period of several years in the business, marked by a growing volume of titles in our library, we have decided to outsource our affiliate business,” he said.

BrokerBabe is an affiliate program for advertisers, publishers, or performance networks. The platform employs local products for every market, optimizing delivery by country, network, carrier, operating system, device type, and time, while boasting exclusive traffic sources and global coverage.”

Check out Reality Lovers online and follow their Twitter handle. BrokerBabe is on Twitter at this link here.

Please related news, Reality Lovers recently named Texas Patti as its exclusive brand ambassador (click here for that story).