VR Bangers Roomates wanted

Kenzie Reeves, Milana May Seek ‘Roommates' for VR Bangers

CYBERSPACE — Kenzie Reeves and Milana May share the details of they are special roommate benefits in “Roommates Wanted,” available now in digital virtual reality experience, a release from VR Bangers.

“Two world-famous teenage VR porn stars, Kenzie and Milana, are a perfect example of how close two roommates can get, helping each other out even in the most dire situations,” says company spokesperson.

Their erotic play is both immersive and realistic. The two beautiful ladies will be so close to each other that there is absolutely nothing that one of them would not provide for the other one. Members of the VR Bangers program with a pair of high greade VR goggles are about to what in means to be immersive in the most pleasant of all mediums.

The production of VR porn scenarios that are both realistic and stunning at the same time is a rather difficult task,” said producer for VR Bangers, Xander Jones.

“We invited two incredibly beautiful young starlets, Kenzie and Milana, and asked them to imagine that they are two BFFs and had known themselves for ages — and since one of them is in a desperate need of help, the other simply has to rise to the challenge and aid her friend as much as she can.”

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