Guilty until proven innocent

Guilty until proven innocent

Featuring Riley Reid

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Reid Riley in Top VR Banger Scene


The stunningly beautiful Cherokee, Chickasaw, Dominican, Puerto Rican, Irish, German, and Dutch is striking the perfect balance between bombshell and the slut-next-door in VR porn, Riley Reid is becoming a global phenomenon!


“I was always so comfortable with the idea of being a slut”

The name “slut” has no negative reference to her personally at all. The idea of carrying that name to her is being sexuality confident, where she is willing to open herself with a goal of pleasing other people. To Reid, it is like freedom and being empowered to share her God blessed physical body with other beings.

She was born in Miami, Florida on July 9th 1991. Reid made her entrance to the porn industry in 2011. Her first scene was with Bang Bros. Since then, didn’t take much time for people to notice her talent and a growing interest that brought her landing in the heart of porn industry in LA.


She has won numerous awards from AVN, XBIZ, and The Sex Awards. Back in 2016 was a record-breaking year for Reid, as she won the Performer of the Year, Best GG, Best Anal, Best DP, and Best Star showcase along with AVN fan voting Performer of the Year, Social Media Star.

She showcased on the cover page on the Los Angeles Times when she won “Performer of the Year” from XBIZ. She also featured on Huffington Post, Cosmopolitan, and She also had her own vagina and bootie 3D modeled so that her fans can enjoy virtual sex with her own VR sex toy Fleshlight the Launch.


She recently launched her own website, The website has more than just videos, a lot of hard work from Reid was put into this project. She offer some goodies on there so be sure to check it out. When she first started out in the adult industry, she didn’t expect the possibilities of doing her own personalized store.


She has many good things to look out for on her site. Things include her own personal sex clips with friends as well with strangers, to blog posts that talks about her personal ideas and opinions on various subject matters.


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