Virtual Taboo

Virtual Taboo

LIMASSOL, Cyprus — Success in the VR market has been uneven for many adult producers, but the two year old believes that they found a way to grow not only the company, rather the industry in general.

After initial launching in late 2015, the high-end virtual reality membership has moved all production into 5K, and has posed more rigorous standards as to quality. Rather than trying to be all things unnaturally, Virtual Taboo tightened their niche and developed tight relationships with some of the best virtual reality professionals in the business.

“The adult industry jumped into VR quickly but not always intelligently,” said Capo Rockett, Virtual Taboo’s president.  

“We initially watched from the sidelines, concerned that low-quality, quick-to-market production, would give the medium a bad reputation with consumers. We were right, unfortunately, but it gave us the ability to see what wasn’t working and only come into the market when we had a superior product.”

The quality of their productions has enabled the company to grow nearly 200 % year-over-year as some of the initial players in the virtual reality market have exited the scene, that is, AliceX and HoliVR, just to name a few.

Virtual Taboo also allowed magnetization to attract headline talent from across the globe, as well as popular cam stars like Natasha 10, who made her debut on the VR site last week.

“We have the best VR product on the market,” Rockett said. “And having established quality, we are replanting a dramatic expansion within the industry.

“Over the next few months, we will be developing more serious relationships with affiliates and working with cam partners, such as xHamsterLive, to provide a better experience for consumers.”