VR Bangers Play'a app

Los Angeles, California – 3D porn studio VR Bangers has released their latest app, and naming it the only VR player you will ever need.

The company feels that the new app will provide fans many new features, as it is a legacy software. As time progress, people are used to having their needs satisfied, and it is crucial to meet everyone's requirements. This is why VRB has decide to make a fresh update to their software platform.

VR Banger's Boris Smirnoff proudly says that they are one of the only 360 porn studios that offer their own app. They are the first to offer this kind of service to fans, and they continue to be an industry leader by offering a fresh update to the app for their members. This update will provide new modern functions and and fresh interface that makes the app more user friendly.

Smirnoff says that this update took up some resources, but he is happy with the effort and outcome.

This update features a brand new user interface, and virtual environment that is attributed to the timeline option. Now it is possible to skip through parts of the scene and jump right into favorite time. You can also quickly skip to view the pop shot moment, allowing those impatient to head straight towards the holy grail of the video.

The new app allows fans new functions such as scaling, tilting, aspect ration, height, and color adjustment along with contrast, brightness, and saturation. This allow 360 porn fans to experience exactly to the user's preference, while offering precise head tracking technology. All of these features are available in the settings in the most user friend way.

Viewing VR porn is different than traditional porn, where an user relies on the producer to offer every possible viewing experience. For 360 vr porn, the experience is never really about the production crew. The producers only need to make sure they film good quality shots, and the rest is usually always up the fans to experience.

The introduction of the latest VR Banger's app, the company took care of another important factor, that is, taking control of the immersive experience that would effect the feel of the fans. This is exactly the kind of support a professional VR porn studio should have on the run down, as the premium scene is produced.

Aside from the 4K, 5K, 6K ultra HD high quality resolution and production technology, the app offers more ways for the user to select via sexual position, categories, and all is offer both online and after dowload to the person's device.

The app also can play other video produced by 3rd party in 180~360 degree. This is even possible if the user does not own a VR headset. This new app works with both mobile smartphone and desktop computer. There is also a panick mode for users who need some privacy and they can't fully secure during the VR session.

VR Banger's CEO Abramovich always set goal to be the best, and to alwats think differently than their competitors. This new app is about to allow their fans to enjoy virtual 360 porn in a whole new level. VR Banger's continue to set the bar for the industry.

To download the app to be played on your Oculus, HTC Vive, Windows Mixed Reality, Gear VR, or Oculus Go headsets, click here

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