Eros VR Virtual Reality Girls

ErosVR’s Virtual Reality Girls was recently removed from Steam. The game was launched on November 25th and was removed on November 28th, lasted only three days on Steam store before being banned. Virtual Reality Girls was taken off the store before finishing its first-week 20% discount sale, where it was originally sold for $11.99.

Cog Connected reported that ErosVR was upset over the removal.

“We do not agree with this because there are only dancing girls in this game. You can chose outfit for the girl or let her be naked but nothing more. There isn’t any sexual activities.”

The game featured three girls, three separate locations, and a handful of erotic dances. The NSFW launch trailer features a censored version of the dances, while fully uncensored in the full game. There nothing the player can do in the game other than rating the girls, play or stop the animation, so there isn’t really an actual game play going on. The biggest selling point is that you can play with your cock controller.

The removal was due to complaints from threads that are still visible in the discussion forum, where few prudes angrily criticizes the game maker with comments.

“If you want porn VR then go to porn VR websites, what I don’t understand is why steam doesn’t have a special section for this stuff. There’s kids on here! Steam is really going downhill IMO when it comes to offering family safe content. How do we protest this? “

This particular comment was made back on November 25 immediately after the game was released to the public.

While few users ask the upset people to be a parent and quit blaming their lack of responsibility onto companies, others appears to be resonating with the angry folks, saying that the company is selling adult content to kids. The conservative have obviously won this battle by voicing to Valve.

Similar incident occurred with Strangers in a Strange Land and House Party earlier this year, when Christians issued complaint that Valve was guilty selling adult content to millions of children. Valve quickly made changes to the store by removing sexual games from their catalog, and have enforced terms of service by prohibiting developers from uploading uncensored mods and patches onto the Steam store. The Valve storefront was cleaned up in hopes to meet compliance to full extent of the law. Many sexually themed content that do not contain actual sexual content were no longer allowed.

Unfortunately, there’s now way to get your hands on a game like Virtual Reality Girls unless sites like Nutaku begins stocking VR sex game titles.