VRP Film Virtual Porn

Could VR Porn Be Gateway to Cheating?

VRP Film Virtual Porn

Image credit: VRP Film

VRP Films is aiming to provide more intimacy and personality to virtual porn, making it more accessible by expanding reach to PlayStation VR experience.

The company states that the availability of VR is changing the kind of sexual experience that fans are seeking for, with more intimacy in demand.

Their site witnessed a great number of members joined in the past year. This especially increases throughout the fall, and tripled on Christmas Day. The average view after New Years Day remained much higher than the pre-Christmas level at about 10,000 views per day.

The company spokesperson says that the new VR tech will enable personal experience that seem more real and perfect than seen in the real world. The consequence is expected to change from every form of experience consumer would watch with this technology.

Inevitably, this technology stride is now being applied into to the adult industry, to create new type of virtual reality scenes. People are asking VRP Films for more romance and talking, rather than just hardcore scenes. This is something you will be looking for in a real relationship, but not everyone in the real world will find that kind of relationship. The have a virtual experience with another person could provide something that the real world can’t give.

VRP Film company spokesperson notes that what virtual reality provide is the chance to move from being an observer to being a participant, and this drastically changes the experience.

VR porn could be something closer to cheating on a partner because of the increasing reality of the experience. The experience opens the door to simulate an apparent perfect sex experience, a scenario which the real world could not achieve.

The company aims to provide VRP Films specifically for PlayStation 4 users. The videos should be download onto a PC or laptop, and be played via the Littlest app on the PSVR. The company recommends a 1TB drive formatted as exFAT or FAT32. Make sure to name the folder “Littlstar” at the root directory, and be sure that it is case-sensitive. All videos should be placed in this folder to properly play with your PlayStation VR.