Yanks VR


BaDoinkVR is a leading adult VR entertainment company, and YanksVR is a site that focuses the female pleasure VR experience. The two companies have teamed up to explore the unique aspects of female sexuality. By talking to a group of millennial women, the mysteries of the female orgasm were unveiled through an thorough conversation about female sexual practices and desires.

Participants, both male and female, were shown an eye opening VR video produced by YanksVR to take things to the next level. YanksVR is a site that features actual female orgasm, almost feels close enough for viewer to touch. The result of the experiment was an educational experience for both women and men, and of which many witnessed real orgasm for the first time.

Yanks was stablished in 2002, a adult-only creation platform for 100% female produced and directed amateur all-girl solo erotic content from female’s point of view. There is no acting whatsoever, all is completely record without script where girls play with themselves as well as other girls. This is the exact kind of footage as if the viewer is peaking at someone doing it at home. These are real girls with no rules but to reach repeated climax. With over a decade of experience, Yanks has the largest collection of female masturbation videos with over 600 women and over 100,000 scenes in their library. The goal of Yanks VR is to produce adult VR content for its ever-growing audience who enjoy women in their most natural state.  For more information go to www.yanksvr.com and Twitter: @yanksgirls

Badoink VR is a leading virtual porn company, with premium VR content in both 180 and 360 degree immersive media. The footages feature motion tracking and binaural sound, as well as some of the hottest porn stars in the industry. The company won the prestigious XBIZ “Adult Site of the Year” back 2016, and was named “Inter Company of the Year” by the Free Speech Coalition.  For more information, visit the consumer web site www.badoinkvr.comwww.vrcosplayx.comwww.virtualsexology.com, or on social media at facebook.com/badoinkofficial; Twitter @badoinkofficial and @vrcosplayx; and Instagram @badoinkofficial @vrcosplayx_official